Kids Segments

LoLi-Fe-TaTo Baskets

Babies Basket

0 to 1s Babies Basket

– We infill the comfortness & homly atmosphere in babies.
– Facilities feature playful interactions with music, rhymes, cuddling etc.
– Dedicated sleep areas induce calmness during rest hours.
– The colorful premises will keep the little ones active & excited all the day.
– We give a insight to basic sensory stuff.
– We aim to induce cognitive, creative and executive skills required for development.

Toddlers Basket

1s to 2sToddlers Basket

– Make them feel Sand, Water, Air…
– Teach them Colors, Shapes, counting…
– Music, Dance, Motion works…
– Walk, Talk, Listen, Look, Feel, Taste, Touch…
– We teach them Basic self care
– We will start questioning with 5Ws & 1H

Early Learning Basket

2s to 3s Early Learning Basket

– Alphabets, Numbers
– Stories, Sentences
– Coloring, Scribbling
– Introduction to Gadgets
– High level Sensory fun games & activities
– Full fledged self-care activities upto Potty training
– keep questioning with 5Ws & 1H
– Basic lanugague & communication

Pre School Basket

3s & above Pre School Basket

– Naive, Self centric & Fair Mind excercises
– Preparing to school
– Problem solving
– More advanced sensory Activities
– More advanced quostioning with 5Ws & 1H
– Focus on early literacy, mathematics, science, languages and social skills