Early Bird Basket

The early bird monthly fee is applicable for first 20 enrollments. The same monthly fee is applicable for additional 4 months.

Monthly Basket

We offer the possibility of monthly payments as we like to give parents the required flexibility.

Stationery & Books Basket

We will provide the necessary stationery, books and other accessories required for kids' schooling. We will retain the books in school on daily basis.

Tailor Made Basket

We are here to assist if parents want to send their children on specific weeks of month, specific days of weeks, specific hours of day. The fee will be collected considering the fair efforts rendered in taking care of child.

Frequent Breaks Basket

Parents face lot of difficulties during early stage of pre-schooling due to lack of experience, work load at home / office, family & friends engagements, health concerns, travel plans etc. We support the fact that parents need flexibility in planning the early schooling. When we are determined to induce flexibility in children thro' LoLi-Fe-TaTo, we should 'do what we preach'. If parents can't send their kids continuously for more than 5 working days upto 10 working days, the same can be carry forward to the next month. The next month's fee will be calculated deducing this amount.

Happy Day Basket

If parents want break from their children for specific number of hours OR days, they are free to leave their kids in our school and enjoy their time. Please note that they have to fill registration form with important details and we request to assign 15 minutes of your time in school premises before leaving your kid.

Birthday Basket

We own the responsibility of your kid's birthday celebration in school premises. We invite maximum guests upto 10 including parents to join us to celebrate your kid's party in our school campus. We take care of basic stuff like cake cutting, basic decoration, sweets distribution to other kids, photo sessions etc. We don't expect any extra charges for this. You can add further value if you feel like doing so.

Free Class Basket

Fill the registration form & spend a day with your kids in school premises before deciding on getting engaged with school. We will allow maximum upto 3 parents any day to choose this option. Contact us to fix the schedule.

Kids / Parents Basket

We request parents to spend a day in school as per our schedule (will be fixed as per your convenience) and take in-charge of some gatherings / events organized by school. Your kid will be in the lime light on the day. We organize such events for atleast 2 parents per month.

Service Basket

We assist & own (if required) any of your professional planning and events organizing including Happy Birthdays, Specific Educational Events, Theme Parties, Space Decoration Events, Specific Learning Sessions etc. Feel free to contact us & we will keep it completely flexible as per your requirements.

Specific Tasks Basket

If parents / school identifies lack of skills in a kid in specific sensory areas, we are here to put extra efforts by focusing on required skill sets for the kid. Please contact school management to prepare tailor-made curriculum to suit your kid

Discounted Package Basket

We offer bimonthly, quarterly and annual packages with attractive discounts