Faculty & Staff

Recruited teachers are experienced staff in similar professions and undergo customized training program to fine tune themselves to LoLi-Fe-TaTo framework.

The training program is tailored from the best practices of Reggio Emilia education approaches. The curriculum, assessment and improvement processes are designed based on the same.

Special guidance are given to faculty to focus on each sensory area, associated play sets and the expected outcomes in the children.

We aim to have teachers with artistic skills and creative mind.

Our teachers produce the documentation required to understand children learning process (i.e. photos, video, audio record, transcript of conversations, drawings, etc.) and to build the emergent curriculum.

Some proven practices are adopted to create the LoLi-Fe-TaTo triangle of kids-Teachers-Parents: sharing of documentation produced while observing the children, involvment of families in daily school activities, day trips with parents, breakfast at LoLi-Fe-TaTo, etc.