Namaste! I’m Elena and I am a pedagogue with a specialization in early childhood education. I come from a small town near Florence in Italy and I cherish my experience with LoLi-Fe-TaTo. I’m a firm believer of the educational importance of the play time for children and I’m glad I could contribute to spread the Reggio Emilia philosophy in Bangalore. During my free time I keep giving my support to LoLi-Fe-TaTo from Italy, something I really enjoy to do!


Ciao!! My name is Silvia, I am a social worker with much experience in childhood education and I come from a small town in Tuscany (Italy). I am very grateful to LoLi-Fe-TaTo for giving me the chance to visit India and to be part of its educational journey. I deeply believe that the strategy pursued by the Reggio Approach is a very successful one. Therefore, giving to the children more space to explore their creativity will lead them to reach their full potential and to became happy and satisfied adult. I think that it is a great opportunity for everybody to receive this special education!